Start to Finish Website Maintenance

Keep Your website updated and working properly with regular maintenance!

All websites get updates throughout the year just like your phone and computer, requiring periodic attention and maintenance.

Without maintenance, your site is left vulnerable to security breaches. That’s why regular maintenance is so essential to the overall health of your WordPress website.

For those who do not wish to take care of this important task, I offer a combined WordPress Website Maintenance & Security Plan.

Keep reading to learn more about the maintenance aspect of your web presence.

Maintenance and security go hand-in-hand.

Performing regular maintenance helps keep your site secure. Securing your site involves making sure all your website’s functionality is up -to-date, working together properly, and that all your web pages are working correctly after the update. You also need to make sure you have a good back-up of your site should something go wrong.

For those who do not wish to take care of this important task, I offer a combined WordPress Website Maintenance & Security Plan.

Maintenance Plan Component

For as long as you are signed up under the Website Maintenance & Security Plan, I will do the following maintenance tasks:

• Perform a complete review of your current website and identify all maintenance issues.
• Update Core WordPress files as soon as new updates become available.
• Update all themes and plugins when updates are made available.
• Monitor for broken links at your website and update if possible.
• Enable/Disable comments as desired. If comments are allowed, I can help you reduce SPAM.
• If your website goes down for any reason, I will restore the site from the newest, safe backup available.

Other Maintenance Services Included:

• Add Pages with content and image(s) you provide.
• Update Menus as necessary.
• Minor updates to theme.
• General updates not listed above.

The above tasks are only related to the maintenance aspect of your website. To see the security aspects included under this plan click here to go to the Website Security page.

Need More Help?

It is natural to need your website to do more for your business. I expect that! If you want or need additional features and functionality beyond the scope of this plan, talk to me. Chances are I can help you get what you want. I can help with:
• Technical Consulting for added functionality.
• If you change your domain name or hosting company, I will get everything moved over for you quickly and efficiently one time during any 3 year period from starting this plan.

WordPress Website Maintenance & Security Plan

What You Get

$500/per year*

*Includes Website Security Components

Includes a Limited Number of Pages, Menus, Posts and Other Minor Site Updates
All Required Updates Monitored and Performed
Piece of Mind Knowing Your Site is Being Maintained
Site Restoration if Anything Goes Wrong