Start to Finish Photo Restoration, Preservation & Coloring

Do you have old family photos that are damaged by water, fire, sun exposure or just because of age? We restore old black and white and modern color photos, with either minor or extreme damage.

Whether you are wanting heritage restoration for an institution, or are a private person wanting to preserve family history, we can help.

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration generally falls into two categories: average and extreme.

A moderately faded photo is much simpler to restore, and would generally be considered average restoration. A photo that is severely faded, creased from bending or folding, ripped, or torn to the extent that a portion is missing, would be considered extreme restoration. These situations require additional time and techniques to research and recreate a realistic photo. You can see examples of both types of restoration below.

Photo size also is a factor in the time and cost associated with photo restoration. The large digital file of a large photo or banner size will have more pixels to repair than a small 5 x 7 inch photo.

Photo Preservation

Preserve your memories long-term with photo scanning. We offer a photo digitizing service to transition your memories from photos to digital images. This allows you to not only preserve photos but order prints and pass them down to other family members.

We get that you’re busy, so let us help you preserve your photos. We will scan in your images, provide them back to you on a USB drive along with your originals.

Photo digitizing does not include any sort of restoration of images. However, if photos need any sort of restoration – from moderate image correction for color, red eye removal or scratch removal and you would like that done, while we are digitizing your images, please discuss that with us.

We help you ensure your family treasures will be passed down for generations to come.

See Heirloom Photo Restoration Examples

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574610652.417160snowy road
snowy fence beforesnow fence after
mom beforebaby mom2
seed pods beforeseed pods after
cactus flower beforecactus flower
tractor beforetractor after