I am a husband, father, dog lover, guitarist, web designer and graphics artist. God has blessed me with many talents and one of them is attention to detail. I want to be great at everything I do and that translates into a humble attitude of always wanting to be better. Whether it’s building and designing websites, or playing music on my guitar, I want to be the best I am capable of being.

Everyone’s website is a unique expression of what they do, whether it is a business or a personal blog and I keep that in mind when providing website design advice. Capturing the essence of what you do in a distinctive, uncluttered, visually appealing website is what I specialize in.

I am a naturally creative person – playing guitar, creating mosaics and leatherwork, and have focused that talent to creating custom logos, artwork and website designs.  I am self-taught, very resourceful and proficient in WordPress, PhotoShop and Illustrator.

No matter where you are at in understanding the power of websites to get your message out to the world, I can help.  Contact me today to discuss your specific needs.